Sunday, October 25, 2009

An Update!

I have now completed 35% of my OWL - that's almost 4 of the 10 hats needed!

I've decided to see how quickly I can knit up something for Divination and Arithmancy. For Divination, I'm going to be doing a dishcloth with the Cancer symbol on it. The pattern can be found here - the author of the pattern has one for all 12 signs! And for Arithmancy, I'll be making yet another pair of Fetching and a simple garter scarf for my cousin. When I get around to finishing what I originally wanted to do for Arithmany, I'll have a glove/scarf set for me and a hat/scarf set for my cousin. All in the same blue.

There's only a week left of October and I've still got a lot of knitting on my plate! I ended up with so much inspiration for projects this month and no time to knit it all because I had to focus on my OWL to get the 50 points for my 33%. If I don't get a chance to finish many of my WIPs before December, that's what I'll focus on.

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