Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall OWL Changes

I finished the first hat of my OWL today! But it was when I went to start another that I found a problem. A couple of the patterns are on the lionbrand site. And I've had problems with their patterns before. For my OWL I went through and found lionbrand patterns because it was the fastest way I knew of to get hat patterns. Unfortunately, one of the ones I picked for my OWL was another of those messed up patterns. Also, I'd been thinking about changing a couple of the hat patterns to fit my holiday knitting a little bit better. So tonight, when I realized I would have to change my OWL patterns since I simply can't do the messed up lionbrand patterns, I decided to change the patterns to where I'm happy with them. Here are my new OWL patterns:

Ellen's Knit Hat x1
Slouched Tuva Hat x2
Rosalie x1
Hermione's Cable and Eyelet hat x1
Windy City Hat x2
Butterfly Hat x1
and a hat of my own pattern x2

A bunch of these will probably end up being for me, but at least two of them will be presents so it counts as holiday knitting! XD

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