Friday, February 26, 2010

Ravelympics Completed

Once I got started on Ravelympics and realized how little time I would have for my OWL if I did two WIPs for the WIP Dancing event, I decided to do just one. I needed to get it done because it was a hat for my brother that I'd started back in November. I should remember that November is always a busy month and that I'll probably get little knitting done during it...

The other event I decided on doing for Ravelympics was Aerial Unwind. I had frogged a pair of Bella's Mittens I'd started for a friend and also the Ziva scarf. Maybe one day I'll decide on a project to do with the yarn I used. So far I seem to keep starting something with it and than frogging.

And this means that the only thing I have left to do for a few days (it's actually been more like a week but I hadn't done the aerials yet and that took only 5 minutes each..) is my bat shawl.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hat for Me

Remember my last blog post where I mentioned I was working on a hat for me? Well, it's finished! It only took me three days (actually more like two) to do. Knitting while watching movies is a wonderful thing..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weeks 1&2 progress

So far I've been able to stay on task with my February plan. Both Potions and Transfiguration are done. Astronomy should be done later tonight. For Transfiguration this month, you had to knit something that was scary. Scary to me was knitting presents and have them not fit. (I hate giving a gift and having it not fit!) This allowed me to be able to finish a hat I'd promised my brother a long time ago.

Potions was the Hate potion- you had to use a fiber, technique, pattern, etc. that you hated. For me, I'm not overly fond of using cotton even though its all I'll use for dishcloths. I had a dishcloth pattern I was making for someone who means a lot to me so it fits for Potions or I'd have only done one class this month.

Last but not least is Astronomy. This time it's a hat for me. I'd wanted a hat with cables but as I looked at the time I had for a contest in my HPKCHC common room and the pattern I was still figuring out, I decided to go with the same pattern I'd used for my brother's hat. I'm making mine black instead of green like his. And when I finish with Ravelympics, I'll have made 3 hats, all pretty much the same, in one month.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ravelympics starts tomorrow! Since its in Vancouver I'm three hours ahead. The opening ceremonies are at 6pm which makes it 9pm for me. (I'm going to have to wait all day. Ugh..) I'm doing two events: Aerial Unwind and WIP Dancing. For HPKCHC, the Quidditch this term is Ravelympics which is like the Winter Olympics except that the events are knitting/crochet based. There's even an event for spinners and dyers. As soon as I saw that there would be an event for finishing WIPs, I got really interested. XD What I'm planning on doing is this...

Aerial Unwind: Bella's Mittens
WIP Dancing: Scorpio Scarf and Josh's Hat

I think there is supposed to be a certain amount of points one gets for finishing a project. 5 points is the set amount for unwinding something though. I've been wanting to cut back on my number of WIPs because I only have a set amount of 32" cables (only four) and three of them are being taken but by WIPs. My goal is to try and get my number of WIPs down to zero by the end of April. I think with Ravelympics helping, I can do it.

The only other thing I'll be working on these last two weeks in February will be my bat shawl. I need to finish 6/15 bats to get to 33%. I'm still working through the first bat.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Monthly Plan

In the Ravenclaw common room of HPKCHC, I've been writing up monthly plans for what I would like to get done that month knitting-wise. It's never set in stone and I'm not sure I've followed it completely once. But it still gives me a good idea of what I would like to get done.

Week 1: Cast on and finish Potions. Cast on Transfiguration.
Week 2: Finish Transfiguartion if not already finished. Cast on and finish Astronomy. If there's time, cast on and finish Herbology.
Week 3: Ravelympics (WIP Dancing event) and OWL
Week 4: Ravelympics (WIP Dancing event) and OWL

I have to reach 33% of my bat shawl this month to get 50 points and then finish by the end of next month (that includes blocking!) to get the other 100 points. I think I focused on classes too much last month. Sometimes I forget that classes are only 15 points and an OWL is 150 points. And it really isn't about the points, its about having fun!

Quidditch this term has been confusing because its also Ravelympics and there are guidelines to follow for both groups. However, I think I pretty much know what to do. I wouldn't really be interested in it this term if Ravelympics didn't have a WIP Dancing event where you finish WIPs during the two weeks of the Olympic Games. (the timeframe that Ravelympics runs)

Monday, February 1, 2010

End of the Month projects

I did it! For the first time, I finished all six classes! Transfiguration this month was to organize my queue on Ravelry so I didn't actually have to knit anything for that one. Potions was my first pair of socks and Divination was the pair of fingerless mitts I finished. That leaves.. Charms, DADA, and Arithmancy.

For Charms I did a scarf for someone who will not be named because he can read this and then he'll know about it and I want it to be a surprise. I still need to add the fringe but that can come when I get around to messing with it.

For Arithmancy, I crocheted a granny square to act as a dishcloth. It needed to be an image within an image and a granny square works for that. It was the last class I did so I ended up being awake at 11:30 finishing but I still got it done.

For DADA, you had to pick a resolution and find something to represent it. That was easy for me because I had two craft related resolutions this year. One was to learn how to make socks and the other was to learn to crochet. At first I was going to mess around with bracelets some and then actually make something. But then I decided to make friendship bracelets because two of my really good friends crochet so I think of them when I think of crochet.

So.. I made blue(me), green(Bubbles) and pink(Alli) bracelets.

January sped by and I have a feeling February will too because February is always a short month..