Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Monthly Plan

In the Ravenclaw common room of HPKCHC, I've been writing up monthly plans for what I would like to get done that month knitting-wise. It's never set in stone and I'm not sure I've followed it completely once. But it still gives me a good idea of what I would like to get done.

Week 1: Cast on and finish Potions. Cast on Transfiguration.
Week 2: Finish Transfiguartion if not already finished. Cast on and finish Astronomy. If there's time, cast on and finish Herbology.
Week 3: Ravelympics (WIP Dancing event) and OWL
Week 4: Ravelympics (WIP Dancing event) and OWL

I have to reach 33% of my bat shawl this month to get 50 points and then finish by the end of next month (that includes blocking!) to get the other 100 points. I think I focused on classes too much last month. Sometimes I forget that classes are only 15 points and an OWL is 150 points. And it really isn't about the points, its about having fun!

Quidditch this term has been confusing because its also Ravelympics and there are guidelines to follow for both groups. However, I think I pretty much know what to do. I wouldn't really be interested in it this term if Ravelympics didn't have a WIP Dancing event where you finish WIPs during the two weeks of the Olympic Games. (the timeframe that Ravelympics runs)

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