Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ravelympics starts tomorrow! Since its in Vancouver I'm three hours ahead. The opening ceremonies are at 6pm which makes it 9pm for me. (I'm going to have to wait all day. Ugh..) I'm doing two events: Aerial Unwind and WIP Dancing. For HPKCHC, the Quidditch this term is Ravelympics which is like the Winter Olympics except that the events are knitting/crochet based. There's even an event for spinners and dyers. As soon as I saw that there would be an event for finishing WIPs, I got really interested. XD What I'm planning on doing is this...

Aerial Unwind: Bella's Mittens
WIP Dancing: Scorpio Scarf and Josh's Hat

I think there is supposed to be a certain amount of points one gets for finishing a project. 5 points is the set amount for unwinding something though. I've been wanting to cut back on my number of WIPs because I only have a set amount of 32" cables (only four) and three of them are being taken but by WIPs. My goal is to try and get my number of WIPs down to zero by the end of April. I think with Ravelympics helping, I can do it.

The only other thing I'll be working on these last two weeks in February will be my bat shawl. I need to finish 6/15 bats to get to 33%. I'm still working through the first bat.

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