Saturday, February 26, 2011

FO: Test Knit socks!

I'm so happy. I finished the socks I was test knitting for a friend. They're really comfy and cozy. And a perfect fit! When I'm knitting a pair of socks or such for myself or anyone else, the thing I worry most about is fit. I get frustrated if what I'm knitting doesn't turn out to be a perfect fit. Because then I either have to give what I spent time on to someone else or redo it. This time, it came out right!

Pattern: English Breakfast Tea Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Kettle Dyed in Ivy
Needle: 2.5mm

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yarn Packages! :D

Today was a package happy day. One of my friends wanted to know a colorway in Chroma that I'd like, since I'd ordered myself a skein of Midwinter already. I'd ordered yarn from a woman on Rav who was selling skeins of a Knit Picks yarn in a colorway that was now discontinued. Another package I was expecting was coming from the UK. A friend had yarn she was willing to send me and she also send chocolate!! All three of these packages arrived today. So of course I had to take pictures.

Mmm. Yarn from across the ocean, chocolate, and a postcard! No idea what I'll make with it yet.

The skeins of KnitPicks Tonal in Royalty that I'd been expecting. Now I can make my cousin's shawl and not worry about having any left for me! :)

Knit Picks Chroma fingering in Galapagos. 2 skeins is about 800 yards and is enough to make just about any shawl I'd want! I think I already know which one too.

Test Knitting

One of my favorite things to do in the world of knitting is test knit patterns for designers. Sometimes that even means that I get a paid pattern for free. In February, two of my friends came up with patterns that needed to be test knitted. One was a hat like the one Hermione wears in the graveyard scene of Deathly Hallows part 1. The other was a pair of socks.

The socks aren't finished yet. I've only finished the first one tonight. I'm really hoping that now that I've finished one I can speed knit through the other one. That's the way my socks are usually knit - I do the first one and because I want the second one so badly, I speed through it.

Here's the hat I finished a couple weeks ago. As I told the designer, it needs to be a bit longer. I'll probably go back eventually and add some length to the body of the hat.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monthly Plan: February

Charms: Umbreon Plushie
DADA: Ventus Shawl
Herbology: Irish Breakfast Tea Socks
Potions: Pichu Plushie
Astronomy: Riku Gloves
HoM: Snapdragon Tam
CoMC: Godric’s Hollow Graveyard Hat

OWL: Seraphim Shawl - 75%
Quidditch: TangledMom hat

I have no idea how much of this I will actually get done, I'm hoping 6 classes and my OWL to 75% or so. February is a few days shorter so once the classes I've already got on the needles (Ventus, Riku, Godric's Hollow hat) I need to get it to 50% so I know I'll have a chance to finish. The other thing I must finish this month are the socks. They're a test knit for a friend and perfect for St. Patrick's day socks.