Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm really excited~ A few days ago Mom found another craft store in town called AC Moore. They have lots of Lily Sugar 'n Cream like Ben Franklin does in Richmond so that makes her happy, plus its less than it is anywhere else.

What makes me happy is that they have a bunch of the yarn Ben Franklin has in Richmond (or the one we had a chance to go to on the 15th when we were there last) and its close by so that makes me happy. Plus~ They have 16" circulars! I got US size 2 16" and US size 3 29" thinking that for socks, magic loop should work on 29"s. I also got something I've been wanting for awhile: a cable needle. Now there's nothing stopping me from learning cabling once I finish my friend's scarf and my brother's hat.

The final thing I got makes my really really excited~ xD Its the Spring 2009 issue of Interweave Knits. I first heard about it from turvid's blog. She's a knitter who I really admire some of the things she comes up with and how much she gets done in a short amount of time. She's also been knitting a long so I'm sure I'll get better and faster as I continue knitting. Practice makes perfect, right?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

House Scarves

While working on my friend's Slytherin scarf, I realized just how much fun I'm having knitting it. So I've decided to make myself the four house scarves from Harry Potter. XD This site gives the house colors plus a very easy pattern on how to make the scarves. I'm only on the second stripe of my friend's scarf and I'm all excited. Haha~ My plan is to first make myself a Slytherin scarf so I can wear it in July when I go to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I'm also going to reread the Harry Potter books before then which means I probably need to get started.

I haven't done much reading lately because knitting, writing, and being lazy take up all my time. XD

Friday, March 27, 2009

Need more needles

Srsly. I need more knitting needles and some days its driving me nuts to have as big of a supply as I want. Someone please give me a couple hundred dollars to splurge on knitting. That would make me *so* happy. Right now my focus is on circulars because I ♥ them. My supply is as follows:

2 16" size 6 metal
2 16" size 8 metal (just ordered, should be here in a week)
1 29" size 8 bamboo
1 29" size 8 plastic
1 32" size 8 metal

Not much of a variety, now is there? With the stores around here not carrying much, I really don't have much I have access to. The plastics were given to me by Mom who's friend didn't want them.

As you can tell, I'm mostly using 6s and 8s right now but I think I'm going to be brave (6 is the smallest I've used although I have size 4 straights) and get a size smaller than 6 next time I go to a store where I have a bunch of needle options. That'll probably be the 4th since its my nephew's party that day.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Magic Loop

I decided that I couldn't stand not working on two things at once. I like to have projects I can switch between if I get tired of one. I'd heard a little about the magic loop technique but never tried it for myself even though I saw a video teaching it a couple days ago. It's also a good thing I had a pair of 32" circulars lying around that I didn't know what to do with. So about an hour ago I sat down with them and the first color yarn for my friend's Slytherin scarf and tried the technique after watching the video really closely. It took a couple tries, but I think I've got it. I know I'm still pretty beginner when it comes to knitting, but I get really excited when I try something new and can actually get it right!

Next thing I want to learn is cabling. But right now, cables scare me. XD

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Projects down; two to go!

I finished my nephew's hat last night but wasn't able to get a picture onto my computer until today. It took me awhile to do because I took a break from it to complete my Easter Swap I'm doing on Ravelry. Here's the FO:

I still have two more presents to complete: a beanie for my older brother and a Slytherin house scarf for one of my best friends. Those should be on my needles now but they aren't. I'm putting them on hold to do something I've been wanting to make myself all winter: fingerless gloves. None of the patterns I saw on ravelry are what I've pictured mine to be, so I'm working on my very first personal pattern. ^_^ As soon as I get some more 16" circulars, I can put the gloves aside to work on presents if I need to.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Projects

Each month I like to keep a list of projects I'd like to get done during that month. Sometimes I'll add or subtract a project but usually its what I pretty much stick to. I know March is more than half over and I post this list at the beginning of the month, but here's my list of projects for March.

Beanie w/ Fold [For Justin]: This hat is my first hat project and a request from my brother for his 24th birthday in March. I'm using size US 6 16" circulars and the yarn is Simply Soft Sage Green. Started March 5th. Ravelry link DEADLINE: April 10st

Baby Hat [For James]: This hat is for my nephew who is turning 1 on April 2nd. I'm using size US 6 16" circulars and the yarn is Red Heart Super Saver Solid Light Blue.Started March 9th. Ravelry link
Completed March 24th.

Swap Dishcloth #1: I'm doing a swap on Ravelry and this is the first dishcloth I'm making for my partner. I'm using size US 6 straight needles and the yarn is Lily Sugar 'n Cream Pretty Pastels. Started March 15th. Completed March 20th.

Slytherin Scarf [For Nova]: One of my closest friends loves anything to do with snakes and also loves the Slytherin house from Harry Potter so this scarf is ideal for her. Has not been started yet. Ravelry link
DEADLINE: April 10th.

First post!

This is my first time using blogger. I'd never really thought about trying it out until I started meeting some people on ravelry because most of them were using blogger. Until now, I've used livejournal for a little over five years now. I've got two livejournals, but I'm thinking of downsizing to one and using blogger as my knitting (and maybe even writing) blog. :3 I'll to update fairly regularly, even if I don't get pictures of my current projects up everytime.

I could tell you a bit about myself but I really don't know what you need/want to know about me. The best way to know a person is by talking to them, right?