Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Projects down; two to go!

I finished my nephew's hat last night but wasn't able to get a picture onto my computer until today. It took me awhile to do because I took a break from it to complete my Easter Swap I'm doing on Ravelry. Here's the FO:

I still have two more presents to complete: a beanie for my older brother and a Slytherin house scarf for one of my best friends. Those should be on my needles now but they aren't. I'm putting them on hold to do something I've been wanting to make myself all winter: fingerless gloves. None of the patterns I saw on ravelry are what I've pictured mine to be, so I'm working on my very first personal pattern. ^_^ As soon as I get some more 16" circulars, I can put the gloves aside to work on presents if I need to.

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