Friday, March 27, 2009

Need more needles

Srsly. I need more knitting needles and some days its driving me nuts to have as big of a supply as I want. Someone please give me a couple hundred dollars to splurge on knitting. That would make me *so* happy. Right now my focus is on circulars because I ♥ them. My supply is as follows:

2 16" size 6 metal
2 16" size 8 metal (just ordered, should be here in a week)
1 29" size 8 bamboo
1 29" size 8 plastic
1 32" size 8 metal

Not much of a variety, now is there? With the stores around here not carrying much, I really don't have much I have access to. The plastics were given to me by Mom who's friend didn't want them.

As you can tell, I'm mostly using 6s and 8s right now but I think I'm going to be brave (6 is the smallest I've used although I have size 4 straights) and get a size smaller than 6 next time I go to a store where I have a bunch of needle options. That'll probably be the 4th since its my nephew's party that day.

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