Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weeks 1&2 progress

So far I've been able to stay on task with my February plan. Both Potions and Transfiguration are done. Astronomy should be done later tonight. For Transfiguration this month, you had to knit something that was scary. Scary to me was knitting presents and have them not fit. (I hate giving a gift and having it not fit!) This allowed me to be able to finish a hat I'd promised my brother a long time ago.

Potions was the Hate potion- you had to use a fiber, technique, pattern, etc. that you hated. For me, I'm not overly fond of using cotton even though its all I'll use for dishcloths. I had a dishcloth pattern I was making for someone who means a lot to me so it fits for Potions or I'd have only done one class this month.

Last but not least is Astronomy. This time it's a hat for me. I'd wanted a hat with cables but as I looked at the time I had for a contest in my HPKCHC common room and the pattern I was still figuring out, I decided to go with the same pattern I'd used for my brother's hat. I'm making mine black instead of green like his. And when I finish with Ravelympics, I'll have made 3 hats, all pretty much the same, in one month.

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