Thursday, October 1, 2009

October classes!

The classes for October are up! I'm really excited about all of them, especially Divination. I LOVE Astrology. It's going to be hard to not knit something for each of the 12 signs.

Create two objects, one normal sized and one either engorgio’d or reducio’d, include an object for scale in both pictures.

Divination: Knit, spin, or crochet something inspired by at least one of the twelve astrological signs.

Arithmancy: a) Something that can be used as two things. For example, a wrist warmer can also serve as a mug cozy.
b) Two items that complement each other or make a set. For example, matching gloves and scarf. Or a scarf and a hat. (Note: a pair of gloves counts as just one item). Make them as a set. Please explain why you would wear them together. They don’t HAVE to be the same color but they have to match in some way.
c) A reversible item.
d) Construct a garment made of two pieces that have to be sewn up together. Please post pictures of items pre and post sewing if you choose this option.

Transfiguration: a) Taking a knitting pattern and converting it to crochet, or vice versa. Obviously, some changes and modifications are allowed, but it must remain fairly close to the original design. Retaining some elements of the original design, such as a crochet trim, are to be expected from beginning students with this advanced magic and will not result in points deduction. You must link to the original pattern in your post!
b) Taking an object or image from real life and Transfigure it with fiber. This can be done in any way you choose - e.g. spinning yarn to represent the colors of fall, making a knitted version of your cat, making a hat just like one seen on tv (Jayne Hat, anyone?). You are welcome to use a pattern, but you MUST post a picture of the object that inspired you, what you are Transfiguring, along with your completed assignment. (NB - Hogwarts rule: Spinners must work a swatch or small item to receive full credit)
c) Knit or crochet a model of your Animagus either as a 3-d toy or a colorwork design.

DADA: This month’s assignment, make something that is inspired by: 1) an historical figure that is now deceased 2) an undead creature (zombie, vampire, skeleton, ghost, etc.), or 3) both (now would be the time to make that Zombie Abe Lincoln) Bonus points, as always, for house colors or making me laugh.

Herbology: This month’s project revolves around the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Garden Pests (and helpers). A garden does not exist in a vacuum and a good herbologist has learned how to keep unwanted visitors away from their precious gurdyroot, puffapods, and screechsnap. KNOW YOUR ENEMY!!! Your task is to create something that identifies a garden pest, demonstrates a way to prevent pests, or aid you in getting rid of said pests. Your post should contain what pest/helper you’re after, why it’s a pest/helper, and how your project relates to it. And of course - PICS!

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