Thursday, October 8, 2009


For all my talk about getting presents done early, it hasn't happened. I've gotten a few started, but none of them actually finished. In September, I started five projects and only finished four. Out of the four, I made two pairs of house gloves (Ravenclaw and Slytherin), a lace headband, and a pair of fetching. The headband and Ravenclaw gloves were mine. But the Slytherin gloves and fetching gloves were supposed to go to a couple of friends. I now want to keep the fetchings for me and I'm pretty sure the Slytherin gloves are too small..

So that takes me back to square one with no presents done. And its already October. I'm going to end up doing so many hats this month and next month for my OWL.. The 10 for my OWL, one for mom, one for my brother, one for Transfiguration and another for my Arithmancy hat/scarf set. I also have two scarves that are supposed to be presents but neither of them have really fit into my class schedule. Ugh.

The farthest I've gotten is halfway done with the presents for Mom and Ash. I really need to get off my lazy ass and focus on presents. But I'm such a greedy knitter and like knitting for me way better..

But seriously? Most people are going to get to pick a hat out of a basket because I'm not going to want to make anything else/have time to.

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  1. *Puts on her Dorey costume and dances around*

    Just keep swi..knitting! Just keep knitting!