Sunday, November 1, 2009

End of the Month Pics

As I said in my last update, I finished 35% of my OWL. I tried to get a couple classes finished but it didn't happen. But since we get 5 points for starting, I took pictures last night and posted them. That's a total of 65 points for the month of October. Not bad.

For Divination, I decided to do a dishcloth with the Cancer symbol on it. This was taken with my camera phone because the flash of my digital makes it impossible to see the sign in the blue of the yarn. I'm actually almost done with it and when I finish will be giving it to Mom, who is also a Cancer.

For Transfiguration I was going to do the scarf Ziva wears in the opening credits of season four. She wears it in at least one (I swear its two but I don't have the DVDs of season 3) episode of season 3. I gave in and downloaded the episode I knew she wore it in so I could get a screenshot of it since finding it was being impossible:

I'm knitting the scarf on circulars so I can sew the ends together to make it flat when I'm done. I hate so much how stockinette curls on straight needles. This is my way of getting around that.

For Arithmancy, I managed to finished my fourth pair of fetching (they're such an easy knit that its no wonder I've made so many!) but I didn't get the scarf to match started so I turned in the gloves for partial credit:

Finally we have the picture of my OWL 35% that I turned in for 50 points. The purples look more like blue but ah well. The hat in the picture that is a WIP I'm going to try to finish soon because its for my nephew and it will be another WIP completed.

I started to many WIPs this month and never got them finished.. Before October I had two WIPs and now I have.. seven? Man. I've never had that many WIPs at once before!

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