Monday, November 9, 2009

Little Progress

I've not really been knitting all that much this month. This year NaNo isn't as easy for some reason so its hard enough to keep up with the daily word count (1,667 per day) and I really want to get 50,000 again this year. I was able to finish my Cancer dishcloth from Divination last month though.

Instead of keeping it for me, I decided to give it to Mom as part of her Christmas present. She has no idea on the other part of it, which I know she'll love. I was able to finally get ahold of Dan and get a size to make his Jayne hat that should fit (he never measured his head and it was hard enough to just talk to him..) I should have enough yarn to make myself one too!!

I've been working on my cousin's scarf that is the second part to Arithmancy from last month. It's between a fourth and half done and doubled in about an hour while I was watching an anime. I might go back and put in another DVD of something so I may be able to finish it today!

Present progress:
Mom: finished
Dad: not yet started
Josh: not yet started
Justin: not yet started
Allison: starting later today if all goes well
James: finished
Leslie: finished
Katie: not yet started

I'm really slacking on the job here, or it feels like it. Christmas is only a little over a month away and hardly anyone's presents have been finished.

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