Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Classes

Wow, classes for November have already been posted?! Sweet. I'm going to list what they are here and then see what I want to do along with some more work on my OWL.

Astronomy: Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences in the world, and the movements of heavenly bodies have been studied since ancient times.The list of cultures where Astronomy was of great importance goes on, including but not limited to- Mesopotamia, India, China, Nubia and others. Knit, spin, or crochet something inspired by one of these ancient stargazing cultures.

-Your professor has an inordinate fondness for historical computers. The oldest known of these is the Antikythera mechanism, which was used to calculate the position of various heavenly bodies. Bonus points will be awarded for any project that interprets the Antikythera mechanism in fiber form.

Charms: Impervius This charm makes something repel substances and outside forces, including water.
Create an item to repel something for example - water, food, crazy stalker guy, Mother-in-law, etc. Explain what it repels and why you need to repel it.

Protego - The Shield Charm The shield charm causes minor to strong jinxes, curses, and hexes to rebound upon the attacker, or at least prevents them from having their full effect. It can also cause a shield to erupt from the caster’s wand. Create something as a gift to shield the recipient from harm…e.g. someone who gets a lot of colds - create something to help stop them getting colds.

Transfiguration: Create something that will Transfigure a person, or a person’s body part, into something else. Or if, while working on your Herbology assignment, you find a weed that is impossible to get rid of (ie, finish up), you may bring it here for Transfiguring into something lovely and useful.

Herbology: This month’s project concerns another important aspect of maintaining your garden or greenhouse: WEEDS!!! A weed is something in your garden that you didn’t plant or don’t want around. It could be a perfectly good plant - to someone else. Your task is to take that weed from your WIPs or stash and get rid of it (by making something with it.) Post should contain why said project is a weed, how long it has been a weed, and how happy you are now that it is gone, a before and after photo would be a good idea!

DADA: This month, we’ll be exploring Quirinus Quirrell. Please reflect on how you would react and compensate if Voldemort were grafted onto the back of your head. Would you wear a balaclava? A cowl? A turban? A toque? Show us your kicky Dark Lord-concealing headwear. Extra points for house colors, making the prof laugh, or embroidering (or knitting/crocheting in) the inside of the hat with Voldemort’s face.

Potions: Something that represents who/what you love the most. It can be anything you love passionately. Please elaborate what this item represents to you or an item for a loved one. Something this person is going to enjoy and love or something with spirals.

So much inspiration for classes..

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  1. I think I have a list for this month's classes. I think. Lol. So much for NaNo :p

    Herb - Finishing the Shawl.
    DaDa - Hat (Based of Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas)
    Transfiguration - Slytherin Kitty Ear Hat
    Charms - Mitts

    and of course the last 60% of my OWL