Sunday, December 13, 2009

A new term! (preparing)

I didn't get much done in November because I was so busy trying to get my 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo. Good news? I won for the second year in a row! Now I'm back to working on the last presents for family. I've got half of my niece's scarf done and once I'm done, I'll start on her hat. I'm just about finished with the ribbing on the hat for my oldest brother too. After I finish it, I'll start on the hat for my other brother. 3 hats and a scarf... That's all that is left of my Christmas knitting. Yay!

January is trying to sneak up on us. With January comes a new HPKCHC term, making me a second year! I have been... hmm, how should I put this? Haha. I have been really into Kingdom Hearts as of late. My favorite of the series is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days where you really get into the story of Roxas while he was in the Organization XIII. Calling on that, I made myself this icon to use during my second year:

Zexion, number six. You don't see him much in 358/2 Days and he isn't in Kingdom Hearts 2. Zexion is mostly in Chain of Memories, the one I haven't played too much of. In Chain of Memories and Re: Chain of Memories (remade for the PS2), you attack using cards and that takes a bunch of getting used to for me. Once I showed it to Bubbles, she was trying to think of which of the Organization XII members would be Slytherin-like. Naturally Xemnas came to mind. Xemnas is the leader of Organization XIII, number one. And Bubbles is my number one knitting friend. So, I made her this:

She was so happy. I love doing little things like making icons that just make my friends day. All of my friends mean so much to me. ♥

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