Friday, January 8, 2010

OWL Proposal - Winter 2010

I actually forgot to blog about a few things because I've still been buried in my Kingdom Hearts fandom. For the Winter 2010 of HPKCHC, I've decided to make my first ever lace shawl. Its also my first big project (big being bigger than hats/scarves/gloves/etc.)

Therealkarity from Ravenclaw submitting her proposal for a Charms OWL.

1. Identify the pattern(s) you will be using (original designs encouraged).

I will be making the Wa-na-na-na-na-na-na-na bat shawl in Knit Picks Gloss, colorway black.

2. Photograph of the yarn(s)/needles/materials involved.

In this picture you can see the yarn I will be using for my OWL, my Nickel Plated Interchangable needles from Knit Picks, a printed copy of the pattern, stitch markers, and few other items like a tape measure and sissors that I think I might need.

3. Two or three sentences describing the planned crafting sequence and analyzing any areas of potential difficulty or new skills learned.

I have never knit a big project before so sticking with it is going to be the first challenge I'll face. This will also be my very first shawl and lace project. My hope is that with the compleation of this shawl, my confidence in my own knitting will improve and I'll be proud to wear it out in public.

4. Photograph of your swatch or explanation of why a swatch is not needed. Please note that "I never swatch" will not be accepted as an explanation.

Gauge is not terribly important for this project because it can be adjusted during blocking. In the above picture you can see where I tested out the yarn and needles I would be using to get the feel of them.

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