Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HPKCHC's Fall term

On ravelry, there's a group called HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup). Its a lot like actually going to Hogwarts along with the characters of the series. You're sorted into houses of your choice or if you choose so, it can be random. Then you have 6 classes plus an O.W.L., all of which you can choose to do or not. I think you have to at least do one assignment from a class. But you get to choose the pattern, materials, etc. for the assignments and which ones you do. You can also do an O.W.L., even first years like myself. There's even Quidditch. I don't know too much about that because I've got assignments for all six classes and as soon as I figure out yarnage, I'll be attempting to do O.W.L.

Its all very exciting and I'm glad I found it! Sign ups for the fall term are over, but we have a common room titled NQFYs - Not Quite First Years. I do believe you can still do all the assignments and such but you just can't help earn points for houses. Myself, I'm in Ravenclaw. If anyone wants to join this group, do so! You'll make loads of friends. There are a bunch of people I like already and its only been a couple days. I tend to hang out in the Ravenclaw common room so that's where you'll find me.

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