Monday, September 14, 2009

HPKCHC Fall Classes: Updated!

Potions: Slytherin Gloves - for Nova
Charms: Fetching - for Leslie but I may make myself another pair of the same color later. COMPLETED
Herbology: Ravenclaw Gloves - a test pair to figure out the correct pattern. COMPLETED
DADA: Bella's Mittens - for Ashley
Transfiguration: Lace Headband - for me.

I should have probably posted this awhile ago when I finally decided, officially, on what I'm doing for each class. I also had to drop Care of Magical Creatures because I just won't have enough time to do a sweater for Emmy before the month is over. I'm still going to make it for her before Christmas so she can wear it this winter.

If I can do mostly presents next month too, most of them will be done!

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