Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HPKCHC Fall Classes

I've finally figured out a project to do for all 6 of the classes. I don't have to do something for all six, but it just ended up being that way. Which means I probably won't do an O.W.L this year because it would be way more than I can handle with this plus school and possibly a job soon.

Charms - Nightingale Gloves*
Potions - Basketweave Scarf
Transfiguration - Ridged Lace Cowl
Herbology - Ravenclaw Gloves
Defense Against the Dark Arts - Bella's Mittens
Care of Magical Creatures - Easy Dog Sweaters

* means that its a Ravelry link.

Most of these are for me. XD Only my projects for CoMC and DADA are for someone else. I'm making Bella's Mittens for my brother's girlfriend Ashley who loves Twilight and Emmy needs a sweater for the winter.

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