Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HP Knitting!

The 6th Harry Potter movie - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, is coming out July 15th. I've been meaning to get back into working on my Slytherin house scarf so that I can wear it to the premiere. This past weekend ABC family played the 3rd and 4th movies a lot so it got me back into the Harry Potter fandom. Thus, I've been working on my scarf. I'm going to see if I can knit about a stripe, maybe two, per day. There are 19 stripes total so each stripe is 5% and the final 5% of the scarf will be the fringe.

I'm not going to make it as big as the pattern calls for (because the HP scarves are BIG) because I'm not wearing a really thick and warm scarf in the middle of July!

After the scarf, I'm going to try to make a pair of handwarmers to wear in the cold theater. I have never known a theater to be anything other than cold. Whenever I go see a movie in the theater, I take a jacket so I don't freeze to death. The pattern for the gloves is one I'm making up. It'll be interesting because I've never done any kind of gusset before. Or anything besides hats and scarves. XD

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