Saturday, May 16, 2009

Using up yarn stash

I've decided to work on projects that aren't really for any one in particular at the moment so I can use up part of my yarn stash. My yarn stash is mostly made up of two different kinds of yarn - Red Heart and Caron Simply Soft. I like the Caron yarn a lot better than the Red Heart so I've decided to use it up in projects that aren't that important to me. I think I gave about half of it back to Mom (since she was the one who gave it to me anyway) and kept most of the blues and blacks for myself. After all, they are the colors I prefer working with.

Does anyone have any pattern suggestions on things I could do to use up the yarn? Right now I'm working on a 2x2 ribbed scarf and I have a couple other scarf ideas. I don't only want to do scarves though. They just go pretty quick and can use up a lot of yarn. But I know I'll get bored of scarves after awhile so any suggestions would be wonderful.

I might get a picture up of the scarf I'm currently working later today but we'll have to see.

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