Friday, April 17, 2009

Mother's Day Knitting

Its taken me awhile, but I've finally decided what to make Mom for Mother's Day. Not only am I making them for my mom, but also for Alli's too. Alli's like my twin so her Mom is like mine too. I asked her what she thought her Mom would like for Mother's Day and luckily she said dishcloths so it means I only have to do double the dishcloths of the same pattern.

Mom told me that the pattern is one she learned from her grandmother or aunt and she wasn't sure where they learned it from. So I suppose you could call it a pattern thats been passed down through the family. They make really good dishcloths too, especially if you make them big enough. xD When I first started making them, I made them a little too small but I think I've figured out a good size for them.

I'd kind of like to do another swap for Mother's Day because I really liked it, but I don't really have any money and at the moment I'm jobless. And I'm not going to ask Mom to pay for something that I should pay for.

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