Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to knitting

Now that I've finished Gaia's event, I can get back to knitting. (I took like a week's break from knitting for an Easter event for the forum I'm part of.) I sent out Nova's present yesterday (seeing as its 2am now) so I can wait on knitting her fishnet gloves. Since I want my brother's hat finished before he gets back, I've started working on it again. No new pictures yet because I had to take out the little I had done to use my second pair of 6s to finish James' hat. Thats the other reason I'm not making myself a hat yet even though I technically could. But all my metal 8s are taken up if I do.

16" 8s: Justin's hat
32" 8s: Slytherin scarf

Idk if using bamboo circulars would do anything. Probably not. I'll decide later if I want to start mine yet or just wait until I finish Justin's.

Also: I've decided that the Slytherin scarf I've been working on is going to be mine. Its got a couple flaws in it because its the first scarf I've ever done using two colors that I didn't use at the same time. I'm going to just have it as mine. And if the flaws bug me enough later, I can make myself another one. I'll try to get Nova's done for Samhain or Yule but I doubt I'll get it done before then. For me, I'll try to get mine done before July so I can wear it to the opening of the 6th Harry Potter movie.

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