Friday, April 3, 2009

April Projects

Here are the projects I've agreed to do for other people. Once these two are done, then I'll be working on my own projects for awhile.

Beanie w/ Fold [For Justin]: This hat is a request from my brother for his 24th birthday in March. I'm using size US 8 16" circulars and the yarn is Simply Soft Sage Green. Has not been started yet. Ravelry link DEADLINE: April 25th

Slytherin Scarf [For Nova]: One of my closest friends loves anything to do with snakes and also loves the Slytherin house from Harry Potter so this scarf is ideal for her. I'm using size US 8 32" circulars and Red Heart Super Savor Dark Sage and Light Grey. Ravelry link
DEADLINE: April 10th.

The projects I'm going to be doing for myself are:

Strawberry Sachets: My Beltane Project. Ravelry link.
DEADLINE: May 1st.

Fishnet Gloves: I've been wanting fishnet gloves for a long while now. So instead of buying them, I've decided to knit myself some. I'll be using size US 2 16" circulars and Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Thread. Has not been started yet. Ravelry link.
DEADLINE: May 1st.

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