Friday, July 10, 2009

HP Premiere Gloves finished!

I feel very proud of myself today. I've completed my very first pair of fingerless gloves. I didn't use a pattern for them, so the gauge is a little tight. The next time I make them, I'll make them a little bigger so they fit better. The first glove is perfect except for the bind off. I was trying to do a new kind of bind off that ended up being real tight and I didn't manage to loosen the bind off when I switched to the usual bind off. On the second one, the bind off is a much better. The thumb hole is a little tight on both I think.

I can definitely see why people love knitting these so much. I do think I have found my newest obsession. Now to finish up some projects I've had sitting around. Once I do, I can really jump into knitting lots of fingerless gloves. And now, for a picture of my gloves:

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