Monday, July 13, 2009

2 days!

I'm really excited! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out in theaters on Wednesday! Only 2 days to go! It would have been cool had I gotten both the gloves and the scarf done, but at least the gloves are done.

My friend who lives in Richmond, which is 2 hours away, wants to go see it with me. That wouldn't be as much of a problem if I had my own car and license. Everytime I run across a friend wanting to see me or wanting to go somewhere, it frustrates me that I don't at least have my license. But getting a license when you aren't used to driving takes time. Its even harder when no one really has much, if any, time to teach you.

I know I don't really talk about myself or whats going on in my life here - thats what my livejournal is for. But if anyone ever wants to get to know me better, you can either check out my livejournal, or email me at

My next projects are going to be finishing my wips. I've only got 2, maybe 3. There's the Slytherin scarf that needs finishing, my brother's beanie I promised him months ago, and then figuring out how I want to use up the Red Heart yarn because its not my favorite to work with. Once those are done, I'll probably go through a craze of making fingerless gloves because they're so much fun! :3

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