Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WIP Wednesday: June 17, 2015

Last week I was working on two pairs of socks, a test knit and stage one of TDS. I haven't been able to finish stage one yet but I was able to finish the test knit. I only needed to get one sock of the two done. It turned out really well. I'll make the second sock at some point but I'm not going to just yet. 

I've also started a new project. Its yet another sock (do you notice a trend here?) but this one is one that I'm designing myself. I'd been thinking about the design for awhile and I've finally been able to find one that I'm happy with. The chart needs some editing since I can follow it knowing how it works out but anyone else who looks at would think that the chart is off. I'm going to try and have it written up by the end of July if anyone would be willing to test the pattern for me.

As far as stage one of TDS goes, I'm finally on the second sock. I don't have an updated picture or I'd include that. I would like to get it done by Friday for Friday's post but I'm not sure it'll happen. It might, if I go to my LYS' knitting group that they just started. It's on Thursday nights and I can get there if I leave work a little early. I should go, it will be fun to meet other knitters in the area.

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