Monday, July 7, 2014

Birthday Post

The last time I posted anything, it was my birthday. (June 24th) I wanted to wait until after my birthday party that was the weekend after before I posted anything. Leading up to my birthday I had been very meh about it because I felt like the only things I would get for my birthday that I hadn't already gotten were what I was going to buy myself. It turned out to be mostly true, unfortunately. Its not that I think everyone has to give me something. But the friends I have I met through my brother. And most of them do give him something for his birthday and/or Christmas but almost never me. Maybe I shouldn't think that way but living in this house has me depressed more then I'd realized.

None of my best friends live here. They're all friends I made through Ravelry. And one of them made my birthday so much better by sending me this:

The only thing I knew of was West Book 3. And I didn't know she had gotten it signed. The yarn is all Valley Yarn that I haven't tried yet. It's a Valley Yarn Sampler that she built herself. :)

And then there's the box of yarn and tools that I ordered myself from WEBs. Most important of them is the brand new loom. I got it because Jackie is an enabler and has given me a new craft to play with. I waited until we went to visit Mom for her birthday and July 4th this past weekend to open it. I didn't know where to even start with weaving and my stepdad would be able to show me.

This scarf is the end result of just one day's amount of work. Its still crazy to think that I can have a scarf that is 7 feet long in under a day. It would have taken me days to knit the scarf, a week minimum.

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