Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Current WIPs: 17

It makes me sad how many WIPs I really have. I keep telling myself one day I'll only have 5 or so but it still hasn't happened. I think because I have an "oooh shiny" problem. Like when I get super excited about a project, I just can't not cast it on.
Tardis Socks (over 70%)
Dalek Mitts 
Ravenclaw Shawl
Ashfield Cardigan (over 50%)
Vivid Blanket
Year-long Blanket KAL - a new square is released every two weeks for what will be a total of 25 squares. I plan on using up all my cheap acrylic in this blanket and am so behind in making squares.
Loki amis (over 75%) - very very late Christmas presents and one for me. 4 Lokis total.
Kam Chu Socks - stage 2 of Tour de Sock
Roll the Bones - stage 3 of Tour de Sock
Diagonal Lace Socks
Glaceon Plushie
Foxxy Shawl
Celestarium Shawl
Percy Shawl
Company of Dwarves amis
Fellowship of the Ring amis
Cabled Scarf

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