Saturday, July 31, 2010

Exploding Snap!

Last HPKCHC break, we had three KALs going on. This time we have Exploding Snap. It is a fun little game to get WIPs finished. For each WIP finished, points are awarded. If a new project is started in August, 1 point is taken away for everyday a new one is started. We all had to sign up and then post the plan of what we want to finish.

Not only am I doing this but also 2 KALs and test knitting a cowl for a friend. I decided to not inclue the cowl on my plan even though it will get finished. If all the points of the plan are achieved, more points are awarded for completion. I can't remember if a prize is given out randomly or not.

My plan is here.


  1. I started a scarf on Saturday so it wouldn't count against me for SNAP. Sigh! I think I'm going to frog it anyway, since the yarn isn't Quite Right...

  2. My points will all end up canceling each other out I think. I have to WIPs that are my priority to get done, but then I also want to play along with the summer reading program which will mean starting new projects. LOL. But as long as its fun the points don't really matter to me. :)

  3. @Crystal: I'm still not sure if I'm going to do the summer reading program. I've already got five projects I'm working on. I'll definitely be doing some reading this summer - I just don't know if I'll be able to think of something inspired by the book/have time to make something.