Monday, May 10, 2010

New Plan for May!

May 10 - 14: Work on Herbology purse. If finished before the 15th, begin knitting Monkey Socks.

*May 15: Knit as many hats as possible for the Quidditch Challenge Hats Off! Probably spend the day watching DVDs while knitting.

May 16 - 22: Continue (or start) knitting Monkey socks. Knit them 2 at a time so possibly finish them this week. If they get finished before the end of the week, work on HoM fingerless mitts.

May 23 - 29: Finish up any incomplete classes. Knit first item for regular Quidditch. Work on the OWL.

May 30 - 31: Knit like crazy on the OWL! If there's time, knit the last dishcloth for Mom.

I think this'll work for a finalized monthly plan. I feel like I've left enough time for everything. (The mitts might not get finished but that'll be okay.)

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