Wednesday, December 8, 2010

17 Days left!

I figured out last night that acrylic, at least Red Heart, really hurts my hands. To the point where every time I knit with it, it shot pain through my right hand. I'm not going to knit with something that hurts my hands. So I'm pretty much all done working with Red Heart. I'm also taking a break from all acrylic for awhile. Wool makes my hands (and me!) happy. The good news is that this happened after I finished the presents I needed to get done.


Fun Fur Scarf
Midnight Blue Beanie
Present for Mom

WIPs (for me):
Aquitine Pullover
Traveling Woman
Advent Socks

My goal for December now is to try and get three of the four listed completed. So, everything but the sweater. I want to try and get Damson and my advent socks finished before Christmas. In enough time to block Damson so I can wear the two of them on Christmas Eve.

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  1. JSYK - I've been looking at your post titles - "X Days Left" - in my sidebar and it's helping me keep on track.

    Or at least realize that if I want to finish my dad's hat, I should REALLY start it today!!