Saturday, August 14, 2010

Knitting Bag!

I'm so excited! I finally have my knitting bag! I've been wanting one forever and today I finally have it. After the reunion today, Mom and I found this neat little store that had all kinds of things in it. There were two rows of bags of all sizes. This was the one that really caught my eyes. I know I know, me and my bags right? :D (I have this, obsession I suppose, with getting pretty bags I like.)

And the most important thing about a knitting bag: pockets. The size is right for most of my projects. But the only thing that has been holding me back from using a bag I already have as my knitting back is that I need it to be the right size and have good pockets. The ones on this bag are deep and half of them are inside where there is no worry of losing anything.

Now the only thing left is to set it up for use. Deciding where everything will go and how might take some times before I'm completely happy. But the best part about this is that now I can grab it and go when I'm leaving the house. No more "Okay.. which one do I take and will it fit in my purse or do I have to carry it in my hands?"

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