Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What NOT to do...

When I was knitting my sweater yesterday I realized that I had completely missed a cable about 5 rows back. I attempted to put a lifeline in 8 rows back and just make up the difference. However. Somehow I didn't do it right. What ended up happening when I got down to the lifeline row was it that it was hung up with no way to fix but to take out the lifeline. Every knitter (and crocheter? I have no idea what lifelines are like in crochet or if you even use them..) knows that to take out a lifeline is a horrible thing. But there was really nothing else I could have done.

So I thought.

What ended up happening was I had to take out the entire 4.5" of sweater (aka, 166 sts) that I had knit. I should have waited for other Ravenclaws to get back to me and help. One pointed me in the direction of instructions on how to fix a cable without taking out entire rows. The other showed me how to put in a lifeline which I already knew how. I think the lifeline deal was more I was already upset when I put it in so that didn't help..

So what happens now is I have to redo all the work I did on my sweater. And get to 50% in a month instead of two.


  1. Ooooogh. That does it, I'm putting a lifeline in my OWL tonight - better to have the trauma of having to take out a lifeline than having to figure out how to fix something in lace - and having it all unravel!!


  2. I feel your pain. Hang in there. Chocolate and either a good movie or good audio book ar in order here.