Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Teachers don't understand

What is it about the teachers I get and their lack of understanding that yes, I can indeed knit and listen to them at the same time? On Tuesday we had this "evaluation" quiz to do about our teacher and the class. I got done early before the teacher came back in the room so I took out the knitting I had brought with me. And continued knitting even after she came back and started talking again. I was paying attention to what she was talking about but still working on my sock KAL.

She didn't like that. She came by my seat and quietly placed her hand on mine to say "STOP". I didn't exactly stop because I knew what would happen if I put it down in the middle of the row - I'd lose most of it because there was a chance it would come off the needles. Putting down lace in the middle of the row is something I fear doing.

I didn't say anything in the middle of the class but I kept wondering for the rest of class why she couldn't understand that I can pay attention to what's on my needles and what she is saying.

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